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How to turn bitcoins to real money

how to withdraw bitcoins to cash


Bitcoin is a very new currency, perhaps the newest currency in the world. Since people have discovered its real value, its price has just gone up and up. The bad news is that not all businesses accept it just yet. You can’t have a bunch of bitcoins in your hand or try to buy the whole store with them. Some online businesses do accept them in exchange for their merchandise, but not all of them do. You can’t go to the bakery just yet with a handful of bitcoins and expect cupcakes. That is just a fact; bitcoin is not a widely spread currency.

If it is so valuable, you need to exchange them for fiduciary money to get your purchase at CVS or buying that artisanal cheese that smelled so good. Since Bitcoin does not take any fees it is a very secure way to get money online, any government can’t regulate it, and the cost of violating its security is too high so exchanging your bitcoins into dollars is an excellent way to have the cash you need.
Bitcoin mining is an excellent way to get your cash from scratch. It does take effort, but miners are offered a reward for their work and bitcoins become more accessible to have and exchange for another currency. Bitcoin exchange can also happen once you’ve provided a service or sold a good to be rewarded with the digital currency and exchange it for dollars. Lot of people have both Bitcoins and lots of bills to pay, some simply want to buy a new car, and since they cannot pay with BTC at a car dealer, the only feasible way is to first convert Bitcoin to cash. The good news is that there are places all over the internet where you can exchange Bitcoin. Here are a few examples:

CashBitcoins.net: easy and straight-forward way to turn your Bitcoins into cash via Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal and Bank transfer. No need to sign up, so basically, you can convert Bitcoin into real money in a very short time.

Btc-e.com is the most popular Bitcoin exchange website. It has a complicated log in feature that asks for personal information as well as scans, but once the protocol is done, you can make any exchange as you want.

Localbitcoins.com is another popular site that allows you to exchange bitcoins with local exchangers or miners and backed up by escrow that makes the whole transaction more trustworthy.

Coinbase.com operates in the US and is an easy way to exchange bitcoin. With its simple interface, new exchangers can learn quickly how to have their cash in hand in a timely manner.

Bitbargain.co.uk operates in the UK with a like-minded simple interface that works with wire-transfer.

Hitbtc.com is a Europe based Bitcoin exchanging website that has gained a lot of popularity over the years making it to the top of the European top Bitcoin exchangers.


Anyway you want it; the easiest way to withdraw bitcoins to cash is to use one of the trusted websites that will make the process fast and effortless. Your transactions should always be secure, and the websites should offer you that security. Bitcoin is the currency of the future and trading it should become accessible for everybody, no matter the background.